Cuban culture remembers close friendship bt. Fidel and Eusebio Leal

Dolor en CMKC por la muerte del genio Eusebio Leal Spengler

After 94 years of the birth of Fidel Castro, the Cuban cultural sector remembers on Thursday the close friendship between the historic leader of the Revolution and Havana Historian Eusebio Leal, who recently passed away.

Leal shared Marti’s values and the transforming spirit of the Commander-in-Chief, whose heritage vision was decisive to rescue and preserve the Historic Center of the Cuban capital.

Leal promoted the meeting between Fidel and the Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, on his first visit to Havana in 1994. It marked a turning point in the history of relations between Cuba and Venezuela, as well as influenced the future of the Latin American region.

According to Leal, who was also a Doctor in Historical Sciences, Fidel discerned for Cuba a future of men of science and culture, which he understood as the first thing to save, as he said in his speech Words to Intellectuals, a mandatory reference text for the National Association of Cuban Writers and Artists.

Leal recognized that Fidel’s legacy on the History of the world is indelible, his political value allows us to be here today, and despite having survived the most terrible threats, he was immune to all of them, he was a man, not God. Loyalty and unconditionality to the leader of the Revolution is in the cult of truth.

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