Steps to Avoid Crowded Markets

Comenzó cosecha de mango

CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- The Santiago de Cuba Root and Vegetable Company (ACOPIO in Spanish) has joined other entities of the agricultural sector to try to reduce crowded markets and benefit those most vulnerable sectors of society.

Ms. Belkis Tabares, the general manager of the company, pointed out that they closed down several highly demanded stores and they regulated the purchase to 15 pounds per person.

Ms. Tabares added that there are still 20 stores and 60 other facilities scattered along the city to avoid movement and concentration of people.

According to Frank Hierrezuelo, the provincial director of the company, they are selling set packages, whose preparations are in charge of the workers of those closed markets.

They prepared some well supplied 4 400 packages at $40.00 pesos each and took them to the “Jose Marti” district to sell them in the constituencies supervised by the family doctors’ office and they targeted as a priority the elder people who live alone, pregnant women or patients with chronic diseases.

Mr. Hierrezuelo also said that they applied the same procedure in the Agüero-Mar Verde area, which is now under quarantine after the detection of a high number of infected people with covid-19

ACOPIO is definitely struggling to be more effective and efficient under the current circumstances to reach the customer.

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