New Cuban Homeopathic Drops Available to Prevent Respiratory Diseases

Aplican gotas homeopáticas PrevengohVir en Santiago de Cuba

CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- The public health system is applying a new Cuban homeopathic drug, PrevengHoVir drops, to prevent respiratory diseases in the most vulnerable social sectors: the elderly, whenever they are not infected or under suspicion. It will help to prepare body defenses of the non-infected body.

The drops will be evenly distributed along the country, but it does not substitute the prescribed treatments against covid-19 or the established hygienic steps such as the use of masks, frequent hand and surface washing and disinfection. It is just one more step to reduce the propagation of the new coronavirus, according to Dr. Johann Perdomo, head of the department of natural and traditional medicine of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP in Spanish). He said that the treatment has begun in the first stage by the elderly homes, psychiatric hospitals and psycho-pedagogic centers; it will then be applied to rest of the citizens in their communities.

He then added, “PrevengHoVir will reach the Cuban families through the health basic team of the neighborhood and taking into account the ample capacity of our industry to back up this action, the drops will be available in drugstores not only during these circumstances, but in any other that requires prevention against viral and respiratory diseases”.

The MINSAP official highlighted that although the regulatory entities have assessed the virtues of the drug (recommended to prevent influenza, flu, dengue and emerging viral diseases) they will continually check and monitor its effects.

  • Doses are five drops under the tongue once a day for three consecutive days. It is recommended another similar dose a week after (on the 7th day).
  • It is recommended to dilute the five drop dose in a ¼ glass of drinking water for pregnant and breast-feeding women, children below 5 and people with liver disorders and alcoholism problems, for it contains 30 % of ethanol.
  • It is suggested before taking the medication to tap the bottle on the palm of the hand at least ten times. The mouth should be completely clean and free from strong flavors and tastes. Therefore, one should not eat, drink, brush teeth or smoke 20 minutes before or after taking the medicine.
  • If you take the drops diluted in the ¼ glass of water, you should retain the liquid in the mouth for five seconds and guarantee sublingual contact. It is also recommended to avoid contact of the dropper, the interior of the cap or the drops with the hands or lips.
  • The bottle inside its box should be protected from light and keep it under 30 0C. Do not refrigerate. Keep it away from electromagnetic generating equipment (TV sets, microwaves, PCs, cell phones, radios, wireless phones, refrigerators…) perfumes and strong scents.

Cuba and homeopathic drugs

The World Health Organization WHO refers that conventional medicine does not understand homeopathic drugs properly. This is a branch of medicine that does not treat diseases through the elimination of their symptoms, but they use substances to stimulate the immune system and to induce an auto cure response from the body.

Accordingly WHO has shared general and specific projections for the use of homeopathic medicine and Cuba has adopted the appropriate norms to regulate the 10 forms of natural and traditional medicine, among which homeopathic medicine is officially included.

Benefits of homeopathic medicine

  • Few side effects and ample tolerance
  • No risks associated for pregnant women and elderly people
  • Low cost production.
  • Simple production, conservation and distribution.
  • It does not offer resistance to conventional treatments.
  • Its use does not favor the development of more dangerous viruses and bacteria.
  • Short-time training for medical staff for its distribution and application.

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