Honduras’ Congress will award high distinction to Cuban doctors

#CubaSalva por el bien de la Humanidad. Imagen: Santiago Romero Chang.

Honduras’ National Congress (unicameral parliament) will soon award the honorary order Cruz de Comendador to the Cuban medical brigade that since mid-April has been providing services in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic in this country.

Honduran healthcare authorities confirmed that the 21st brigade of the internationalist Henry Reeve contingent has served the population in 19 municipalities so far.

Due to the circumstances marked by the world’s epidemic of the novel coronavirus, the Legislative’s decoration will be delivered in a virtual solemn act to the ambassador of Cuba, Francisco Emilio Delgado, and the head of the brigade, Dr. Blanca Toymil.

Local media outlets indicate that Cuban healthcare professionals have already visited about 12,500 Honduran homes in preventive work and health education.

The brigade that arrived on April 19 at the San Pedro Sula airport, the country’s industrial capital, is made up of a dozen nurses specialized in intensive care, and four doctors divided equally between general and clinical medicine, an epidemiologist, the head of the brigade and a logistician.

Honduras’ Congress unanimously approved after a single debate the proposal of the left-wing Libertad y Refundacion Libre (Freedom and Refoundation) party.

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