US seems to be at war with the planet, Cuba denounces at UN

Bruno Rodríguez, canciller de Cuba.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez denounced at the UN irresponsible actions by the US Government that seems to be at war with the planet, its vital resources and its inhabitants.

‘Multilateralism and international Law are being threatened by the greatest power in the world. The US irresponsible behavior is the biggest threat to international peace and security,’ the Minister told an on-line High-Level Segment of the UN General Assembly marking the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.

‘It instigates conflicts, non-conventional and trade wars and imposes severe unilateral coercive measures,’ the Cuban FM continued.

He went on to say that ‘in an arms race of its own making, it squanders resources that are indispensable for the sustainable development of our peoples, while refusing to cooperate to confront the multiple crises generated by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.’

Rodriguez further accused Washington of ignoring ‘important agreements in the areas of environmental protection, disarmament and arms control and withdraws from international fora such as the World Health Organization, UNESCO or the Human Rights Council.’

‘It would seem that it is at war with the entire planet, its vital resources and its inhabitants,’ he concluded.

The Minister also snubbed US Government harsh hostility against his country, while it hardens the blockade it has applied for over 60 years.

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