Celebrations for the Innovator’s Day

Jornada de innovadores con evocación al Che en Santiago

By: Orlando Amaro Alvarez
Translated by: Guillermo Rodriguez Cortes
Santiago de Cuba, CMKC, Radio Revolucion – “Worker build your machinery”, a yesterday’s slogan marks today the celebration of activities for the beginning of the National Association of Innovators’ Day (ANIR in Spanish).

Rafael Ernesto Simon, the president of the provincial branch of ANIR, explained the organization call to CMKC:

«ANIR National celebrations for the 55th anniversary of the Convention of Innovators and Inventors.

«The current year has been marked by strong economic and financial limitations, derived from the cruel imperialist blockade that we have resisted for more than sixty years, and by the effects that the pandemic COVID-19 has caused.

«The leadership of the Party and Government, with the participation of the mass organizations, the workers and the people in general, has put into practice a group of exceptional measures, with the objective of protecting the population and maintaining the energy of the economy.

«From March to date, many initiatives have been implemented by the people, particularly by the workers, with the active participation of the country’s public health and scientific systems, along with other prominent sectors.

The call includes the admirable response of men and women in the front line of the fight, the presence in health, science and production; the work against covid-19, the assurance of food production, key services, among other priorities of the economy.

The call of ANIR urges to respond to all the needs and demands of the economy, society, scientific research, in energy saving and, at the same time, to dignify those who contribute and do not waste, the talent to overcome every obstacle.

Therefore, the call invites to the celebration of ANIR’s National Day amidst the current epidemiological situation, to honor innovators,  to respect the health rules, always with discipline, and support to the Homeland and to the creativity of ANIR members.

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