Santiago de Cuba Back on her Feet Again

En Guamá se integran fuerzas populares en la recuperación tras la tormenta Laura

By Santiago Romero Chang
Laura is getting away slowly. The Santiago de Cuba people assess the damages and immediately go back to work for total recovery.

The electric system, at least in the city, did not suffer much. Those who lived the longest night on October 25, 2012 were surprised to see so many lights on in many parts of Santiago de Cuba.

Although Laura did not leave considerable levels of water for the dams in the province, the last report for the hydraulic authority indicated an increase of 4.4 million m3 for the main city supply system.

During a meeting of the Defense Council, Leonel Ruiz, general manager of the electric company in Santiago de Cuba, reported that the municipalities of Segundo Frente, Contramaestre, Guama and Tercer Frente did not have electric service.

In the city of Santiago de Cuba only 70 % of it is getting service. According to a tour of the province:

  • In Tercer Frente there are two zones cut off by river floods. Sky is cloudy and it is still raining.
  • In Contramaestre it rained all night. Many fallen trees. They are checking the crops in Laguna Blanca, one of the main production areas of the province.
  • In Mella there are power failures in several circuits. There are still 584 people evacuated in relatives and neighbors’ homes. No damages reported in places of economic interest.
  • In Segundo Frente there are several houses and places of economic interest whose roofs were affected. Agricultural damages in some areas. It is not raining.
  • In Songo-La Maya 13 popular councils with power failure, 31 507 people moved to safe areas. Many fallen trees and posts in some areas. Two popular councils cut off. A school with partial damages in the roof. Cloudy, no rain.

Guama is still cut off in two areas. Electric system affected. Agricultural damages. Two houses totally collapsed, one partially.

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