A Different Rhythm

En el poblado de Matías, en Tercer Frente, informaciones de la Radio Base Ritmo 16

By Javier Labrada
Santiago de Cuba, CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- During the covid-19 quarantine period the inhabitants of the Tercer Fernte municipality have been informed by the municipal radio station Triple M. But in the Matias village, listeners have had another source of information, the local-based station Ritmo 16 (Rhythm 16).

Aniubis Araño, specialist of publc health promotion, says that every day, after the information provided by the Ministry of Public Health at 9:00 in the morning, Rhythm 16 goes on the air to divulge the country’s health situation and to advise the people to prevent infection. The municipality has been free from positive or suspicious cases so far.

She also said that the local defense zone, the Federation of Cuban women and especially the Rondeler Fernandez community house support their broadcasting efforts.

In their work they also visit people who are, under the current circumstances, afraid or stressed. And they advise them to strictly follow the rules oriented by the Ministry of Public Health as the only one efficient vaccine so far.

The Cuban medical and scientific staff is making tremendous efforts to find a cure against this invisible enemy, she faithfully ended.

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