Public Health a Top Priority in Local Hospitals

Instalación y mantenimientos de equipos de alta tecnología para los estudios y diagnósticos oncológicos en Santiago de Cuba.

By Xiomara Pieri
CMKC, Radio Revolucion, Santiago de Cuba.- The public health system is a top priority in Santiago de Cuba hospitals, where specialists are being trained despite the US blockade and the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Dr. Migdalia Fernandez, rector of the first school of medicine founded by the Revolution in February 1962, the objectives of the current school year remains the same: high quality standards supported by a first-rate staff composed of specialists with master’s degrees and PhDs.

The training program of this local medical university rejoices with the participation of 594 young people from 41 countries according to Dr. Yamile Acosta, vice-rector for international relations.

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