Two Grammy winner calls for greater inclusion of Cuba

Septeto Santiaguero: “Y sigo pa’lante”

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) Just two days before the award ceremony of the Latin Grammys in its 21st edition, the director of Septeto Santiaguero, Fernando Dewar, called for a greater inclusion of Cuban music.

With the endorsement of two awards, four consecutive nominations for the group’s albums and one in the select list of the Anglo-Saxon section, the tres player and producer expressed the desire of Cuban musicians to broaden the number of Cuban voting members for this prestigious annual competition.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina, Dewar emphasized the possibilities of Cubans to be part of the list of music personalities who assess the works of each country and region that compete in the contest. Nobody better to value those creations than the people involved in those processes, the artist noted.

Likewise, he praised the enormous potential for the dissemination of music through digital channels and social networks, thereby overcoming old barriers to appear in the contest arranged by the US Academy of Recording Arts.

Another aspiration he mentioned was a greater prominence and specific sections for traditional genres of the Cuban pentagram such as son, danzon and others that have left a notable imprint on the world’s sound heritage.

AS is the case with the powerful and diverse music from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, just to mention some examples, which receive differentiated recognition, Cuban music should have that deference for its wealth and universal impact, added the director of the group.

Dewar exemplified that in the category of traditional tropical music, the one most used by Cuban artists is the ‘son’ along with several others that are considered tropical and traditional genres in a very nourished range that makes it difficult to assess the pieces fairly.

However, it is an advance that in the current edition of the Grammys, several of the nominees in that definition are Cubans: the changüi Guantanamo, with a CD of which he is the producer and the Aragon and Failde orchestras.

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