Message from Lombardy

Médicos cubanos ayudan a varios países ante coronavirus

By Moraima Zulueta
CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- CKMC offers the message from Osmar Andino, one of the Cuban doctors, from Contramaestre, who is working to save thousands of lives in Lombardy, Italy. It reads:

I can tell you that we are working at a field hospital in Lombardy, Italy, where we have already adapted to the local medical protocol and working pace to fight covid-19 in this country—very intense by the way—the rest is on us: love, sacrifice and the wishes to cooperate to save the lives of these patients.

Our human and supportive mission is very complex, but with our humanitarian stance the name of Cuba is again on top of the grateful homeland pedestal.

To my people in Contramaestre, I urge you to take care; we have you in our hearts. We will be back with our mission accomplished.

Thank you for the every night applauses.

Love, Osmar Andino

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