Santiago de Cuba is an Eternal July 26th

Santiago en 26 y Seguirá siendo Santiago. Imagen: Santiago Romero Chang.
Fidel: "La Historia me Absolverá"
Fidel: «La Historia me Absolverá»

CMKC, Radio Revolution.- Santiago is a city with a thousand-battle passionate history and a restless defender of truth.

Here is Santiago, not battered, worn out or tired.

With scars, yes; for conquering rights implies to fight, face bullets; and the skin and the soul suffer. But when one survive, like us, there is no power on earth capable of extinguishing the inexhaustible glow of a merited free life.

Who has the right, with the whip in hand and a thundering voice, to make us kneel down and frighten us? The have vainly appointed themselves masters of the world, the air we breathe, the sun, the land nourished with the sweat of those who never surrender.

Do they think that because they have built a rotten wall from its foundation they are going to hinder our vision and make us question our dreams?

History is full of obstacles, but none has been able to stop us. Ask the Moncada Garrison, where they thought they had triumphed after the assassin soldiers massacred young people; however, the Revolution won and buried them forever.

A sick soul is capable of many things, we know it perfectly. When prepotency is planted it grows limitlessly and with deformities.

Empires are built on the prepotency of many men and then human beings are just a means to an end.

Power makes believe the powerful that everybody, sooner or later, will yield under pressure.

But if they have not understood yet that the Island that delivered mambises against Spain, delivered the Centennial Generation, and dressed up these young men with the olive green uniform will not surrender, it is because power prevents them from thinking clearly.

Here we are, yes.

That is what the attackers to the Moncada said, that is what we say, and that is what our children and future generations will say.

Here we are: eternal rebels; we will not let the enemy’s hate to degrade us.

That is how revolutionaries behave in a divided world by inequality. In Santiago de Cuba we live in an eternal July 26.

With our dead-who are alive-on the left of our chests, with the will tattooed on the skin, with energy running through our veins, with endless challenges and a clear vision of the times we live in, we follow the Moncada attackers’ motto: assurance on the fairness of what we defend and full conviction in that victory belongs to those who never cease sacrificing for it.

Museo Ciudad Escolar 26 de Julio en Santiago de Cuba. CMKC, Radio Revolución.
Museo Ciudad Escolar 26 de Julio en Santiago de Cuba. CMKC, Radio Revolución.

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