54 new cases with Covid-19 confirmed in Cuba, total two thousand 829

Doctor santiaguero Francisco Duran en la habitual rueda de prensa sobre la lucha contra el nuevo coronavirus en Cuba

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health reported today 54 new cases with the Covid-19 (highest number in the last three months) for 2,829 in total, and the number of deaths continued at 88.

Doctor Francisco Durán, director of Epidemiology of that entity, highlighted in the daily press conference on the impact of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus that there was another day without deaths, the third in a row.

Duran pointed out that of the last affected by the disease (27 women and 27 men) 52 are Cubans and two foreigners, and 40 were asymptomatic.

Of the total, he added, 47 were contacts of previously confirmed cases, in one of them the source of infection was not determined, and four were spread abroad.

According to the doctor, the day before 686 patients were admitted to hospitals for clinical-epidemiological surveillance, and 11 thousand 351 people are followed at home from Primary Health Care.

Also, yesterday, 3,941 cases were studied to determine Covid-19, caused by SARS-Cov-2, and 289,412 samples made for this purpose were counted.

On the other hand, Durán stressed that of the patients diagnosed with the disease, 304 present a stable clinical evolution, there are 2,249 medical discharges, two evacuated to their countries of origin, and six in serious condition.

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