Cuban doctors’ example destroys US slanders,’ says Diaz-Canel

Miguel Díaz Canel, presidente de la República de Cuba.

The president posted on Twitter about the meeting he held on Monday morning with the members of the medical brigades that fought against Covid-19 in Togo and Kuwait, an exchange that he described as uplifting.

According to the Presidency on the social network, the head of State welcomed the healthcare professionals along with the Prime Minister Manuel Marrero after having completed the established quarantine period.

Diaz-Canel conveyed the recognition and affection of the Cuban people, the government and the Communist Party, to the healthcare collaborators, to whom he said that the Homeland ‘watches them with pride.’

The president congratulated them for the ‘successful accomplishment’ of the mission and recognized what he described as a ‘trail of solidarity’ that they left in their humanitarian work.

The collaborators commented on their experiences in caring for patients and the conditions in which they developed their work, as well as the results achieved.

Cuba sent medical brigades to over thirty countries and territories that requested their contribution to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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