The Lady of the Waves, Sound to See

Aniversario 98 de la Radio Cubana y los 90 de la CMKC. Texto y foto: Santiago Romero Chang

By Santiago Romero Chang
The Lady of the Waves looks majestic amidst the celebrations of the Day of the Cuban Radio. She is now facing the new challenges of new technologies and tendencies that also affect human values through anti-esthetic and anti-ethic consumption trends.

Different and evident contradictions distance the transmitter from the receiver in many cases; in others it simulates an approximation, and most frequently it keeps the listener away from reality. It should be the other way around: a borderless front capable to gather families, join wills, rescue values and help, above all, the young.

It is necessary NOT to play radio as a game, or transfer to it the current consumption habits and behaviors supported by today’s technologies.

Hard to believe, but in Latin America radio is still on the go. New local radio stations emerge and their analogical and digital shows diversify as evidence that listeners are more interested in their most immediate environment, and thus demand more local productions in all senses.

Fortunately, young radio people are taking over radio and the Lady of the Waves wants a united happy family capable of sharing and transmitting good manners.

There are notable perils, but perspectives indicate a surviving advanced radio, more essential and demanding that requires full revision, state attention, then we will understand the slogan of the Lady of the Waves.


Go Santiago! Go for it!

Note The term “Lady of the Waves” was coined by journalist Santiago Romero in 1987 to translate the magic of this mass media communication that survives despite the development of new technologies of communication and information.

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