Guama Forestry Workers March Forward

Trabajadores forestales en el uso controlado de los recursos naturales de la Sierra Maestra.

By Tomas Elias
CMKC, Radio Revolucion.- The mountain Guama municipality in the Santiago de Cuba province is rich in forestry reserves, with cedar, mahogany and others like pine, which is basically used in both home and industrial carpentry and construction.

Lumber extraction is the job of a group of people who work in the most isolated areas of the southern coast of the Sierra Maestra, under a burning sun with tractors, winches, or axes.

These men and women do not only work in the extraction of such natural treasure, they are also forest ecology minded.

To secure survival of woodland they take care of planting and reproduction of the natural resources that have been cut down.

Every June 21st forestry workers celebrate their day. But for the first time the covid-19 pandemic prevented to do so.

People’s health comes first. There will be time for festivities, recognitions and awards amidst parties and gatherings.

Now this guild is convinced of the relevance of their work to meet their plans and help the country’s economy that has been under the US blockade for 60 years.

Congratulations, forestry workers!

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