More than 16,000 families receive social assistance as monetary re-ordering begins

Urge ante la covid-19 más control y disciplina social e institucional en Santiago de Cuba

Social assistance.- More than 16,000 families received assistance from the Social Assistance Program, January 1-13, as part of support made available to the country’s economically vulnerable households.

Social assistance.- «In socialist Cuba, no one will be left without protection,» insisted Marino Murillo Jorge, member of the Party Political Bureau and head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development of Policy Guidelines, on his official Twitter account, emphasizing that within the new context of monetary and exchange rate re-ordering, protecting the most vulnerable is, and will always be a priority, regardless of the circumstances.

A total of 700 million pesos have been allocated in the state budget to support these sectors of the population, although the best way to eliminate vulnerability is by offering employment options.

The country has also earmarked more than 30 billion to provide family subsidies.

The transformation of salaries and pensions, as well as the elimination of undue subsidies and gratuities are key elements of the Ordering Task, reflecting Policy Guidelines approved by the Sixth and Seventh Party Congresses.

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