Santiago de Cuba Is Ready for the 42nd Caribbean Festival

Festival del Caribe en Santiago de Cuba, actualidad por CMKC
Festival del Caribe en Santiago de Cuba, actualidad por CMKC
Santiago de Cuba Is Ready for the 42nd Caribbean Festival

Translator: MSc. Guillermo Rodriguez Cortes
42nd Caribbean Festival, Santiago de Cuba – With the preparation of galas, conferences and seminars and a call for artists and researchers, organizers of the event are preparing the 42nd edition of the Feast of Fire, dedicated to the Mexican celebrations of life and death.

According to Santiago Ruy, the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Mexico in Cuba, the constant contact with the Caribbean Center in the conformation of the shows and exchanges means a lot to strengthen diplomatic, artistic and scientific ties between both nations.

Oscar Escobedo, in charge of the artistic direction on behalf of the Latin American country, informed about the realization of a gala in honor of the Day of the Dead with Santiago de Cuba performers, as well as the presence of the Symphonic Orchestra of Oriente and mariachis from different Mexican regions and thanked the support of the local authorities of the sector.

Regarding the theoretical meetings, Carlos Lloga, who is in charge of their organization, highlighted the challenge of responding to the historical ties established between Cuba and Mexico, through the study and debate on the honored festivity in this edition.

The traditional Caribbean Festival, held in the Hero City, is the event with the greatest plurality in terms of expressions of popular culture held in the Antillean nation, and the only space of its kind where every year all the country’s carrier groups meet.


The Caribbean Center, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Cuba and the Santiago de Cuba Provincial Culture Board, calls for the 42nd edition of the Caribbean Festival, Feast of Fire, to be held from July 3 to 9, 2023 in Santiago de Cuba.

This time it is dedicated to the MEXICAN CELEBRATION OF LIFE AND DEATH, a festivity that brings together the spirituality, magic, cultural diversity, history and material culture of all Mexico, and which was declared by UNESCO, Oral and Intangible Heritage of Mankind in 2003.

The Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, which traditionally takes place on November 1 and 2, also offers multiple points of contact with the popular cultures of the Caribbean region, especially with carnivals, and refers to ancestral rites and beliefs closely linked to death, easily recognized and rooted among the peoples of the Caribbean.

It is an exceptional opportunity for all of us to bring together, in Santiago all of Mexico wrapped in the magic and colors of this major celebration, which will undoubtedly showcase the bonds that link our peoples and cultures treasured in the Caribbean.

Santiago de Cuba Is Ready for the 42nd Caribbean Festival

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