Medite: Medicinal Teahouse

Medite: Medicinal Teahouse
Medite: Medicinal Teahouse
Medite: Medicinal Teahouse

Translator: MSc. Guillermo Rodriguez Cortes
By Mercedes Acosta Fornaris
The negative effects of the US blockade do not intimidate anyone and, on the contrary, they become a challenge to the intelligence and will of men and women who, having grown in their determination, undertake ingenious alternatives to overcome the problems.

This is the case in Santiago de Cuba, where, since February, the Teahouse of Medicinal Infusions, MEDITÉ, has been successfully operating based on Traditional Natural Medicine to substitute medicines that are lacking.

Arelis Plutin, the manager facility, explained that «there used to be a bio-healthy pharmacy in this place, where some infusions were sold, but it was necessary to close it due to structural problems and as of February 4 it was reopened with this new conception with the sponsorship of the authorities of the territory.

«It was conceived as a very important palliative for the lack of medicine, since infusions of plants are sold to replace essential drugs to counteract digestive and nervous diseases, arterial hypertension, and many others, she argued. This information is available at each table for users to request the service, according to their needs.

«Here we offer, according to the level of stock: mint lemon balm, chamomile, caña santa, vimang, calendula, linden and passionflower, at a price of 5.00 pesos the cup. We also sell sealed bags with the same dry drugs», she pointed out.

In this teahouse, harmony prevails among the staff, under the management of Arelis, who says she feels satisfied «because we are contributing to the wellbeing of patients, who, on a daily basis, come here in search of relief. We have hypertensive patients coming here more than once a day, as well as others with digestive or nervous system problems… We are really happy to know that we are helping them».

Fernando Fernandez, a telephone company retiree, also expressed his opinion: «This service is very good for our health. Coffee was hurting me and I changed it for tea. I feel very well and I always drink mint tea, which makes me feel better. I come here every day and walk about 20 blocks. And I will always come for the tisane and the attention they give me».

That’s how we Cubans and Santiago de Cuba people are: resisting and mitigating adversities with effective practices, from the noblest and firmest feelings to continue overcoming difficulties.

Medite: Medicinal Teahouse
Medite: Medicinal Teahouse. Translator: MSc. Guillermo Rodriguez Cortes

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