A Revolution that is the Offspring of Culture and of Ideas

Fidel y Guillén. Palabras a los intelectuales. Por una Revolución cubana siempre dialogante
Fidel y Guillén. Palabras a los intelectuales. Por una Revolución cubana siempre dialogante
Fidel and Guillén. A Revolution that is the Offspring of Culture and of Ideas

The defense of the Revolution has been one of the convictions that has guided Cubans for more than six decades. Resistance to the destabilization actions supported by the Government of the United States has been the firmest response to those who seek to create chaos among those born in Cuba. Our artists and intellectuals have expressed their position accordingly. 

We have seen with astonishment and sadness scenes of hatred and vandalism that reminded me of counterrevolutionary violence such as the Chilean fascists breaking the hands of troubadour Victor Jara before murdering him. Cuba, where I have lived for more than fifty years, has always been for the world, a country of peace and understanding, free of violence.

The Cuban flag, which has never been mercenary as neither have been the worthy sons of this Mambi homeland. Our flag waves today calling for the defense of the sovereignty of the revolutionary island, in the midst of an asymmetrical war amplified in the networks and global media. We continue building our social proyect. We do not call for hate, but for love, knowing that to die for the homeland is to live. Cuban writers and artists will continue to put all our efforts to build a better country. We are and will always be a beacon for the world, because we are right and true».

Fidel and Women in Revolution Workshop
Fidel and Women in Revolution Workshop

The aggression in disguise as peaceful showed its face with acts of violence (…), vulgarities and annexation. The traitors, mercenaries and confused, took to the streets, at the same time, with the same slogans dictated from Miami by the organizers of the aggression, among them US Senators Marcos Rubio, María Elvira Salazar and the Diaz-Balart brothers (…). ) For this kind of people, hatred, lies and the inability to make calculations without measuring the consequences are more important, the only clear thing is that they are making the current president of the United States behave as a subordinate and that Donald Trump’s advisors are now the ones in charge of Cuban affairs. Furthermore, those same sponsors of the riots did not calculate that as a result of this aggression, the Cuban Revolution, devotee of love and tranquility, was strengthened, the sense of homeland grew and the unity around its current leaders remains invincible.

The objective and the promoters of the interference and soft coup maneuvers against Cuba from 1959 onwards continue to be the same: to destroy the social tranquility enjoyed by our people and which so mortifies the enemy of all times: the one denounced since the 19th century by Bolivar and Marti, Yankee imperialism, and whoever attacks the Homeland must know that he will always find the firmness of the majority of Cubans, whether they live inside or outside the country.

The warning has been clear: whoever stirs up hatred and violence among brothers takes sides with the enemy. The barbarism was guided by annexation, and has deserved the unanimous rejection of the people. Nobody is unaware of the intentions of the Yankee empire. Don’t count on lots of supermarkets nor humanity: first we will face destruction and death. The Homeland unites like a fist to defend itself, because it belongs to those who love it and build it.

Most Cubans agree with everything our government has done to defend the Revolution. The first thing is that we hear more: I am a patriot, I am for Fidel, Raul and Diaz-Canel and for everything that is the Revolution. It has been a shameful performance by the Yankees from whom nothing good can be expected, they have wanted to confuse many people. Now we have to fight, we have to rescue the young people. I am convinced that the U.S. government has no project for us other than to tear us to pieces, to destroy us in order to dominate us again. With wisdom we will win.

In addition to the continuous economic pressures from the US Government, there is the complex epidemiological situation that the Cuba is going through. The confrontation with COVID-19 brought us irreparable losses, tears and suffering unknown until today in the homes of Cuban families. It also brought together political and scientific wills. The vaccines, whose names are also a reaffirmation of identity, in addition to the long-awaited cure, build bridges of love between health personnel, the people and their leaders. Prolonged isolation and shortages, both material and emotional, also allowed us to see strengths and even weaknesses in our society: there is indomitable blood, which inflames the heart, and another that clogs up in resentment and misguidance. But Cuba has lived and still lives of its imperishable and irreducible honor. An honor that gathers everyone, even the unfriendly and haters, because ideas and the ways of understanding will always prevail.

Nation and Revolution, Homeland and Revolution

Fidel Castro Ruz, líder eterno de la Revolución Cubana
Fidel Castro Ruz, A Revolution that is the Offspring of Culture and of Ideas

Historical participation of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution

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