Cuban medical brigade recognized in Italy

Brigada medica cubana en Turín, Italia.

The National Association of Friendship Italy-Cuba (Anaic), the National Coordination of Cubans Living in Italy (Conachi) and the collective Cuba Va, recognized this Sunday the work of the island’s medical brigade that confronted the Covid-19 in Turin.

The tribute took place in a brief but emotional meeting in the vicinity of the cultural and convention complex where the temporary hospital where the Antillean health professionals worked with their Italian colleagues is located, for three months.

On behalf of the Anaic, its national president, Irma Dioli, presented the 38 Cuban health collaborators with a diploma of recognition for the ‘laudable altruistic work given to humanity with a great example of fraternity, solidarity and friendship.

Honored to witness your heroic contribution to the battle of ideas of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, in the field of health and with the desire to lift the brutal blockade against Cuba, the organization expressed its gratitude to the doctors and nurses and assured them that ‘we will always be together with you’.

For its part, Conaci presented the members of the brigade with a reproduction of a work by the Cuban painter residing in Ecuador, Luis A. Ruiz, entitled ‘Who says that all is lost. Cuba comes to offer its heart’, with which they expressed their gratitude and admiration for the mission accomplished in Italy and other countries.

The presence of Cuban doctors on the front line of the battle against Covid-19 in Italy fills us with pride as a community of Cubans living in this country, said Conaci in a message accompanying the painting.

In a similar vein, the recently created Cuba Va collective, author of several initiatives to support and recognize the work done by Cuban health professionals in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy and the rest of the world, spoke out.

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