US deliberately lies when it labels Cuba as terrorist, FM says

Bruno Rodríguez, canciller de Cuba.
Bruno Rodríguez, canciller de Cuba.
Foreign Minister of Cuba
Bruno Rodriguez

Cuba,. Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said on Monday that the US president and the secretary of State are deliberately lying when they call Cuba a sponsor of terrorism.

Cuba- On his Twitter account, the head of Cuban diplomacy added that this is an infamy used as ‘currency for the payment of political debts’, in addition to becoming an instrument of coercion for nations that do not bow to the whims of imperialism.

On January 11, the White House included Cuba again in the list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism, a decision that was described as a cynical and hypocritical act in a statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

Cuba was excluded from that group in 2015, during the process of rapprochement with the United States under the mandate of President Barack Obama (2009-2017), so many people attribute that action by the Donald Trump administration to his intention of imposing additional obstacles to any prospect of recovery in bilateral relations, after Democratic President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

Bruno Rodríguez, canciller de Cuba.
Bruno Rodríguez, canciller de Cuba.

Several countries, organizations and renowned figures have rejected the inclusion of Cuba in the unilateral list drawn up by the United States, and recognize in their messages and statements Cuba’s position in condemning terrorism in all its forms.

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