Secret and not so secret intentions

Redes sociales
Redes sociales
Secret and not so secret intentions

Secret- The history of humanity is full of hidden agendas and secret intentions.

Secret- Some would like to keep theirs secret, but, like the tiger crouching on a full moon night, cannot prevent their stripes from showing in the undergrowth.

Secret and not so secret intentions

Secret- Before his indecorous exit, Trump did Cuban counterrevolutionaries the favor of putting Cuba on his list of state sponsors of terrorism, another measure among the 200-plus his administration adopted with the intention of opening a hole in the map and sinking us to the bottom of the ocean.

What was the reaction of the «independent press? Whose work expands daily with the tenacity of the grateful who, for every stroke of the pen, get paid:

Oh, happy day!

The same media which, in an entirely unprofessional manner, are incapable of covering up their distortions and lies, always presented in a tendentious tone, when referring to the difficulties the country is facing, in the midst of the pandemic and the blockade sponsored by their protectors in the North, along with our own deficiencies (no denying it).

Although journalism requires constant criticism, the way in which these media exercise it is brutally counterrevolutionary, although they may deny the term, coined at the time of the French Revolution to describe the monarchy’s maneuvers intended to restore the previous socio-political order.

This is, in fact, their aspiration and that of others who, using a softer and even paternal tone, lend themselves to efforts to hide the essence of what is really at stake.


By their actions you will know them.

Just like the provocation that took place this past January 27 – one more chapter from the anti-patriotic machine – in which, cell phones in hand, they gathered in front of the Ministry of Culture, interested not in covering a cultural dialogue, but to participate in a planned disturbance and later disseminate to the world a vision of “Cuba can’t take it anymore,” a cheap script that, within hours, was picked up by the Miami counterrevolution to demand – amidst a social media uproar – that the new U.S. President follow the path of his megalomaniac predecessor and maintain all sanctions.

The plan is more than clear, but this does not prevent some defenders of the «cell phone gesture» from embracing Voltairean theories full of contradictions regarding concepts such as tolerance, universal morals and human rights, addressed by an enlightened man, but also an elitist critic of the «populace» and with more than a nod of consideration for the absolutist sovereign.

Voltaire’s theories are recognized for their undeniable civilizing magnitude, but are malleable, and can serve those who cling to them as victims and, from this stance, move to the level of aggressors against a nation they would like to see subjected to the dictates of those who, since time immemorial, have operated the counterrevolutionary machinery.

Or what is the same: offering for sale, with no shame whatsoever, the sacred value of sovereignty.

More than enough to dismiss them.

Internet, la red de redes
Secret- Secret and not so secret intentions

And dialogue with those who would like to do so based on respect and serious arguments, which in truth would mean not much to discuss, without interference from external sources, and for the good of all.

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