The formation of values: «that sun of the moral world»

Roberto Morales Ojeda en visita de trabajo a Santiago de Cuba
An All-out Fight to Social Indiscipline
The formation of values: «that sun of the moral world»

By: Santiago Romero
And that irrefutable truth of The Little Prince takes on dimensions in the current crisis of human values, whose Cuban response is the Battle for Culture, Education, Ideas, Human Health, Solidarity and the Defense of all the achievements that many times seem to us part of our daily life.

Sometimes it demands the curiosity of a visitor or a piece of news to reflect on a common fact, to then take up again the critical vision: Hey, how we have lost human values, this is every man for himself!


The butcher mistreated his neighbor Maria, without knowing that his wife was treated in the hospital Maria’s daughter.

A neighbor responds with violence against the butcher, who has already succeeded in life: he has a motorcycle, gold chains, a house built in record time and does not care if the company was late to pay the wages, but, this butcher has children who receive free education, he does not pay health services and he thinks it is fair to challenge others with the daily phrase:

«Ah, it’s a lie that money isn’t everything!”

When a state measure or the pressure for lost time comes, the sad monologue of which few talk about arises:

Who am I? My senses in time and space.

What is my truth? That is, I know or I don’t.

Who trusts me?

How far do I believe or doubt?

Should I do or not do something positive, that is, what is my kindness?

Do I like to live in harmony or not?

And finally,

Do I want or not to contribute to human betterment?

In these reflections, many are lost for lack of orientation and knowledge, when it is vital to define the existence, your truths, what you believe in and the values that are not only defined in mere respect and knowledge.

There are also the principles.

«Principles are non-negotiable.»

That’s what I always tell my students about the role of virtue utility, and you will be a virtuous not because you have money, business skills and hoarding objects.


President Diaz-Canel holds meetings at COP28

An All-out Fight to Social Indiscipline
Author: Santiago Romero Chang
By: Santiago Romero. Social Indiscipline.- If people yell at home, they also do it in the street; if a son disrespects his father, it is impossible for him to have any consideration for anyone outside the home; that is why many behave everywhere as if they were the «hub of the universe», and the worst thing, in most cases they do not know how to speak.
The Heart of a Neighborhood
A 65 años de la creación del Segundo Frente Oriental Frank País.
The formation of values: «that sun of the moral world»

«That virtue is knowledge and only if you know, if you can achieve the good!»

In other words:

Why do you hoard knowledge, if you cultivate individualism, you do not help anyone, not even to perceive the good?

Then, you will realize the serious distortion that exists on the true codes of human values.

As Cintio Vitier said:

«That Sun of the Moral World».

The formation of values: «that sun of the moral world»

Santiago de Cuba, Aniversario 65 de la Revolución
«That sun of the moral world»

Cuba urges to defend truth to preserve world peace

Dubai, Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, held today a pleasant meeting with the secretary general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in the context of the COP 28 that is being held in this capital.

The Cuban president detailed in his X account that he ratified his country’s commitment to advance in priority issues for developing countries, which, despite being the ones that contribute the least to climate change, suffer exponentially its effects.

Díaz-Canel spoke this day at the World Summit on Climate Action as part of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 28) and said that peace is necessary to save the planet.

The head of state of Cuba shared a phrase of timely warning: “tomorrow is already today, and the clock is ticking”.

Marcha de jóvenes en reafirmación revolucionaria en Santiago de Cuba
«That sun of the moral world»

Sun of the Moral World

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