An embrace from our country, in a virtual march

Unidos hacemos Cuba, ¡Viva el Primero de Mayo!. Imagen: Santiago Romero Chang

Country, Because of the many shared endeavors, because the strength of a country lies in its people, and because we have more than enough reasons to celebrate the contribution of our workers, this May Day a vast plaza on social networks will witness the virtual embrace of those who, from Maisí to Cape San Antonio, awake every day to get this island of unity and resistance moving, in fields, factories, hospitals, schools, and all variety of workplaces.

Country- On that digital stage, our truth, our conquests and our challenges will be paraded in photos, videos, selfies and hashtags.

Country- Under the banner of “United: We are making Cuba,” the Cuban trade union movement will also make clear workers’ support for transformations underway in the labor environment, including the new policy to provide greater autonomy to socialist state enterprises, an improved framework for the non-state sector and the implementation of monetary re-ordering.

It will also be a May Day of emotions, joy and gratitude, because Cuba has in its professionals, technicians, workers and campesinos a powerful bastion.

With Cuba, solidarity will also arrive via digital means, during another international meeting, set to take place April 30 and May 1, organized by the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) and the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP).

During a press conference, decorated Hero of the Republic Fernando González Llort, ICAP president, explained that, despite the current epidemiological situation, the event was not canceled, to allow all friends of Cuba and trade unionists around the world to join our traditional May Day celebrations, in a virtual embrace of solidarity.

He reported that the CTC and ICAP social media pages will be open to all those interested in participating in the debates on solidarity work and the struggle against the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade of Cuba, in addition to continental forums of friends in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, in which more than 80 representatives of trade union and political organizations will take part.

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Another celebration of Cuban workers

The fact that this May Day Cubans will remain behind closed doors, once again, with the same desire to march we felt in 2020, does not mean in any way that we renounce the celebration of International Workers’ Day, a universal century-old commemoration, which in Cuba is a massive event, to share with family and co-workers.

Faced with the impossibility of filling plazas and quenching our thirst for gathering and festivity, the Cuban Workers’ Central Union (CTC) has called for creative virtual celebrations in every home and workplace to reaffirm our support for the Revolution.

May Day commemorations called in our living, united, victorious homeland

Unidos hacemos Cuba, ¡Viva el Primero de Mayo!. Imagen: Santiago Romero Chang.
Unidos hacemos Cuba, ¡Viva el Primero de Mayo!. Imagen: Santiago Romero Chang.

There are many reasons to celebrate: the country continues to resist the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the U.S. government, tightened by the Trump administration, which adopted 242 hostile measures – all remaining in force today – and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has weakened even the most powerful economies.

Cuban Communists have just held the 8th Party Congress, a transcendental event, securing continuity, passing the political organization’s principal responsibilities to a generation that grew up admiring the rebels in the Sierra who now continue «with their foot in the stirrup,» alongside us on the paths they taught us.

Elimina el bloqueo, también es un virus. Imagen Web: Santiago Romero Chang
Elimina el bloqueo, también es un virus. Imagen Web: Santiago Romero Chang

One of these paths, that of innovation and sovereignty, that of empowering internal forces, that of learning to produce what we need with our own hands – perhaps a mandate from Fidel and Raul that remains pending – is the one that workers in health and the sciences have been following, in this struggle for life, as necessary and Cuban as that of tobacco and sugar of which, 80 years ago, Don Fernando Ortiz spoke about.

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